Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) Certification
The Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) certification course is the industry's premier program for commercial swimming pool operators, managers, engineers, service company professionals, health officials and facility owners. The PPSO is the real solution to the challenges of commercial operation of pools.
The course offers two exciting opportunities:
  • Take the PPSO course to kick-start your commercial pool career.
  • Teach the PPSO course to gain a new revenue stream for you business.

The PPSO course and manual focuses on the service sector of the commercial market segment. Not only does it meet the ISPSC and MAHC industry guidelines and standards, it opens up a whole new realm of pool and spa opportunities and confidently sets the foundation of core skills needed to service this market.

The online course together with the manual are very well organized and extremely user friendly and the certification itself is another invaluable tool to add to my knowledge tool belt.

Stephen Neville, CBP, CSP, PPSO, PPSO Instructor
Director of Business Development and Aquatic Operations
Stainless Aquatics, A Division of Island Construction Corporation
Del Mar, CA

Students have multiple choices when it comes to taking the PPSO course:

  • Self-paced, online course that is interactive and fully modular
  • In-person course led by an instructor in your area or given at a regional or chapter-sponsored event
  • Hybrid course that combines online learning with instructor-led learning

In-person courses last one or two days. After completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion, which is needed to take the exam.


Time and again members note that traditional certification courses offer too much unnecessary information that leaves students confused and unprepared in the real world.

Unlike traditional courses, the PPSO course provides everything commercial operators need and nothing they don’t—setting up commercial operators for success on day 1. The new course focuses on delivering core content around the actual tasks that need to be done to service a pool system:

  • Must-know information about the circulation and filtration system 
  • How to interpret and apply state and local codes 
  • How to identify and address chemical and physical safety concerns 

Better training means:

  • Improved job performance 
  • New job opportunities 
  • Financial rewards 
  • Personal satisfaction


Commercial swimming pool operators, managers, engineers, service company professionals, health officials and facility owners should apply for the PPSO certification. No experience is required; new employees are eligible.


Students in instructor-led courses are provided with the PPSO Manual. It is designed to facilitate student learning by providing learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, which are reinforced at the end of the chapter with review questions.


Upon completion of the PPSO course, you must pass a 60-question, open book, multiple-choice exam in order to receive PPSO certification. This exam can be given during a two-day instructor-led course or at a regional or chapter-sponsored event.