How to Become an Accredited Education Provider

APSP University serves as a central clearinghouse for education and training programs developed, sponsored and accredited by APSP. The accreditation program was created to recognize outstanding industry education providers and raise the quality standards for industry education programs. The key to the APSP accreditation program is a standardized process that evaluates the instructional design, delivery and marketing of programs offered by member organizations.

Quality offerings from accredited providers will be highlighted on the APSP Event Calendar. Accredited education providers can market their approved programs with a special APSP accredited logo that will demonstrate their commitment to quality and professionalism.

Get Your Educational Programs Accredited by APSP

Having your educational programs accredited by APSP is an easy process and is available for a low $100 annual fee. To get started, complete the Accreditation Application and submit it to APSP University.

As long as your programs meet basic standards, we do not expect that you will need to adapt any of your materials. All submissions are kept confidential; your intellectual property will not be shared.

For additional information, please email APSP University.